Reindeer Sales

If you are interested in becoming a Reindeer handler, whether you are a beginner or experienced in reindeer husbandry we believe that a respectful, open minded and professional approach with 100% commitment is essential.  The animals always come first.

Reindeers are very complex and intelligent animals, sensitive in some respects whilst thriving in the harshest environments.  We have worked with reindeers for 10 years and are always learning with these magnificent creatures.

We are prepared to open conversations at any time of year but reluctant to move reindeers between April 1st – September 1st.

You can expect multiple questioning on your experience, knowledge, location, set up and most importantly the history of your holding.

We will never sell any of our herd on the run up to Christmas as these animals need to be settled before the onset of a busy season.

Reindeers have vast variants in character and capability from untrained yearlings to complete small family herd, to fully trained castrated bulls and impressive 3-4 year old working bulls.

Please contact us with your requirements.