Our beautiful reindeer herd is the original and highest herd in North Wales.

They are cared for, trained all year round here at North Hills Farm.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of husbandry and treat the herd as part of the family.  The reindeers get everything they need and a little bit more!

Reindeers are complex and very intelligent animals who are very rewarding to work with and train.  They enjoy human interaction very much.

Lets Talk Christmas

We like to take a different approach here on the farm by keeping things natural and less commercial.  While we do external corporate events, we would encourage the public as much as possible to visit the reindeer here at North Hills Farm in their own environment.  Here we have an opportunity to get up close and even feed our reindeer in our purpose made Meet & Greet area!

When you visit us at the farm you will be immersed in complete festive magic!  The reindeers are a massive part of this and part of the Christmas story.  While we all enjoy Christmas and the magic it brings, we also encourage to expand your reindeer knowledge with some amazing reindeer facts provided by one of our experts, who will guide you through your reindeer experience by explaining the characters of each reindeer, seasonal Changes and dietary requirements.

Families and friend groups are welcome to turn up on the day.  If you are a nursery, school or commercial child care business then pre booking is required.

Free parking.

Event Hire

We understand all your festive events are different and we do our best to accommodate your requirements.

We always bring a minimum of two reindeer to any event although  up to six reindeer can be arranged depending on your event.

For availability and prices, contact us for further details

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