Fresh-cut & Home grown Christmas Trees

Come and choose from our fantastic range of Christmas trees, find the perfect one for your family. Join hundreds of satisfied customers that we serve every year. The varieties of our fresh cut Christmas trees range from the most popular Norman Fir, lodge pole pine, noble fir and not forgetting the Norway Spruce.

It is important to choose the right variety depending on the position and environment in your home. The staff at North Hills Farm will be happy to advise you to ensure your tree lasts in great condition through the entire festive season.

All our trees are displayed in a stand at the farm, you can get a true picture and shape. Once you’ve chosen your perfect tree, we will net it for you and even help you take it to your car!

We will always have a large selection of the most popular sizes from 3ft – 8ft. If you require a larger specimen tree between 9ft – 20ft please contact us at your earliest opportunity as these will be put on pre order.

Christmas Opening Times

  • Open daily 10am to 6pm.
  • Thursday late night until 7pm.
  • Close Christmas Eve at 4pm.

Pot Grown trees

We also have a limited number of pot grown living trees, which are perfect if you would like your tree to continue for many more Christmases. Whether planted the garden or a large pot on your patio.

These pot grown trees are exactly as described, they have been grown and nurtured from a seedling in a pot. If looked after properly it will grow on for many years to come.

They are a great option for smaller rooms, we love them loaded with lights then again we love everything loaded with lights!!

pot grown christmas trees
Cinco 8 Tree Stand


  • Cinco 8 Tree Stand
    A strong and durable water holding stand with a high water capacity. Accommodates a wide range of trunk sizes and can be topped up easily.
  • Tree Nanny
    This handy device lets you know when your water holding tree stand needs topping up.
  • Tree Skirt
    Complete your beautifully decorated tree by covering up any unsightly wires, the trunk and stand.

Christmas Wreaths

Perfect for hanging above the fireplace and on walls and doors, decorate for the festive season in traditional style with our beautiful hand-made wreaths.

Christmas Wreath